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Welcome to Irodorino Art Blog!
This blog contain my illustrations, rakugakis and whatever posts about whatever things okok?
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They was too cute together in the end… Thank you TRIGGER!  (*´艸`*)

"Don’t tell to anyone, ok?"

Today’s doodles   (* ̄m ̄)

Do you know what I’m drawing?  (obviously, no)

1000 points if you know what this messy sketch is supposed to be


Are u serious Tumblr   (  ´_ゝ`)

Are u serious Tumblr   (  ´_ゝ`)

Morri. Muito difícil fazer um efeito legalzinho para o impacto profundo da Arme…

" - Deep Impact!!! "

Chibi is so haaard

Maybe I’ll keep this style ( ´・ω・`)

dá pra ver que tava prestando muuita atenção na aula ashuasuha

Deus and Grandark for art trade with Nipatsu.


The result of “…let’s remake it (*´_ゝ`)”, painting really make big difference…